The Story of Ducks

Our ducks are already veterans and well experienced. Every year they go to the racing track again, to help children with cancer and their families.

In 2018, 14,000 ducks were competing and in 2019, as many as 15,000 ducklings were preparing to take off. They have accumulated over the years and the oldest athletes are even five years old. These competitors already have their own history and scars.

How the Duck Race is going?

The ducks are dumped into the Kadriorg Park Canal, which has both the start and the finish of the rally. No need to worry! Channel drains are covered with wire nests and our ducks do not swim there. At the finish line, great athletes are already waited by the coaches and helpers who collect the ducks, dry and put them to rest. The ducks are housed in a warm lounge for the winter, until next spring Duck Gathering, when training period starts again.

What is Duck Gathering?

In 2018, we reviewed and re-labeled each duck separately once again, so that each number is properly visible and readable. We numbered in addition 3000 ducks, to increase the opportunity to raise even more donations. Duck Gathering is taking place every year and during the event, each duck will be re-examined, race numbered and waterproofed.