The purpos of Duck Race

Each child with cancer must receive treatment with all supportive services!

Duck Race is an event, launched in 2014, by Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (EAPCC), which aims to raise awareness of the situation of children with cancer and their families, and encourage companies and individuals to contribute to help them.

First Duck Race took place in 2014 and gathered resources to create EAPCC support centre and provide supportive services.

The donations collected in 2015 went to providing continuous support services  and the acquisition of  children's tracking monitors for the haematology of Tartu University Hospital, the Department of Oncology.

From donations collected in the Duck race of 2016 30 000 euro was given to support the Children's Fund of Tartu University Hospital in treating  severely ill children. In addition, continued support for the activities of EAPCC Support Centre was resumed.

Duck race 2018 and additional donations were distributed for cancer patients and their families as follows:

For 118 453 euros, we purchased medicines for cancer children that were not funded by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund;

For 42 618 euros, families in crises situation we managed to provide quick access to a variety of support services and grants, in particular the psychological assistance or death benefits. And we funded the creative therapy and a music therapy service in the hospital to make the months spent there a little more bearable.

17 462 euros went to a comprehensive counselling of the families in distress with a coordinator who makes every effort to ensure that the family does not lose hope, that they would be able to adapt to the inevitable change of life and find the strength to further combat.

Duck race 2019 and additional donations were distributed for cancer patients and their families as follows:

With 16 515 euros, we supported the transportation and accommodation of a child with cancer and one parent to a medical institution in another country, if the treatment of the child was financed by the Estonian Health Insurance fund outside Estonia

With 13 829 euro the Support Centre has enabled children in the hospital to have creative therapy

5 199 euros was paid  for the medicines, as the Estonian Health Insurance Fund did not transfer the child's obligation to pay the medicine to a cancer patient.